Cora Vanderale

Corin's twin sister, a vibrant and outgoing young woman


Cora is Corin’s twin sister, his elder by an hour and a few minutes. She has a tendency to act like she is Corin’s elder by several years, frequently referring to him as “baby brother” and offering him advice on topics ranging from fashion to romance. While she doesn’t openly defy her uncle Mivonis regarding Corin’s banishment, she did maintain a secret correspondence with her twin while he was in Absalom, and hopes for frequent visits after his return.

Cora has taken well to the family business, brokering deals and attending parties with merchants, nobles, and foreign dignitaries. She is very popular among the young men of the upper echelons of Magnimar society, and usually juggles half a dozen suitors.

Cora Vanderale

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