Sarenith 15, 4713 – The PCs are summoned do Heidmarch manor, and given the task to find a missing informant, Natalya Vancaskerkin. They spend the day investigating, eventually defeating an Aspis wannabe Plutarch.

Sarenith 16, 4713 – After turning in Plutarch, the Party continues the investigation on Natalya. Leads eventually end at Fenster the Blight. He gives the party a lead on where Natalya’s was last seen. The party storm Natalya’s hideout to find she has allied with sewer goblins. After much fighting in sewage, being pelted by crossbows, and almost killed by Natalya, the party is able to subdue her and discover the Shard of Pride, which is clouding her mind.

Sarenith 17, 4713 – After resting in the Hideout, the party decides to return to the Magnimar Lodge, only to be ambushed by a pack of tower girls. They are dispatched and turned in to the authorities, and the party re-groups back at Heidmarch Manor. Sheila briefs them about the true nature of the Shard of Pride, and the PCs learn of the location of the next shard: The Crow, new headquarters of the Tower Girls.

Sarenith 18-20, 4713 – PCs rest, gear up, defeat a rogue alchemist and enter the Crow.
Sarenith 21, 4713 – PCs take out the Tower Girls. Fenster the Blight now missing.
Sarenith 22, 4713 – PCs find a basement under the Crow, meet mite King Zuuga and his “subjects”
Sarenith 23, 4713 – PCs find clickylegs, the devil infested dungeon, and a ghast sailor
Sarenith 24-25, 4713 – PCs finish clearing out the Crow’s dungeons and find the second shard


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