Dreams of a Dark Druid

My first proper hunt with the Pathfinders was… not boring. There were many new faces to sort. Luckily, each gave me the seed of insight into their true nature through their actions…

That Heidmark character is strong, with quite a presence about her. But she hides too much. She will not earn my trust like that. But she has not failed to provide interesting situations…

Our mark revealed herself to be not only cowardly, but foolhardy. Fleeing her bandit tribe of sisters, only to throw her lot in with the weak and untrustworthy goblinoids?

The sexy half elf companion of Heidmarch… what ever happened to her? I did not get enough time to smell her out.

My new companions have swiftly proven themselves cunning in battle. I did not expect to see this in them.

Corrinn is clearly powerful in ways I cannot fathom, though he seems to care only for study and counting, and could use some time in the world it would seem. Travel with me will do him good.

Hothram is very strong. I find myself admitting to be drawn to his forceful ways, even as he made my blood boil while he held the shard. I will watch him closely.

Dessianna is quite interesting. Beautiful in her own frail way, and tied to the spirit world more closely than most. I cannot tell what exactly I sense from her…

First evolution:

I’ve done it!

Ever since I started secretly training with that dark figure in the grove all those years ago, I was in awe of the primal powers he obsessed. When he first told me that I must submit myself to a higher power, I balked. It sounded like the words of the tribe’s leader. It sounded like the preaching of the shiny steel clerics of pompous gods I’d encountered trying to convert us from time to time. But once he showed me, I knew this was my path. He transformed before my eyes into a creature I’d never seen. Grand and swirling and made of pure wind, he sped around the grove and grabbed me up in his wake like a storm.

He said I must devote myself to the roil, to the grind and the flame, and one day I’d transform into this and even greater creatures. I could barely imagine it. Now I have achieved the first form. I can barely contain myself. The rush is indescribable. I’ve tried every beast I can think of. I want MORE.

Something is up. Hothram thinks he is possessed by his father. I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing, as his aura hasn’t changed – he just has an even odder accent. He still fights like a beast, so I guess I’ll just keep an eye on him for the time being.
Birthday Party

I’ve had a thought. I finally realize what it is that keeps the twig planted in Vanderdagger’s backside. He needs to mate! I’d been too distracted to notice before, but I think this might loosen him up enough to be a right fun kid.

So there we were: me, Soji-cough-he’s-still-really-just-hothram-San, and big the “V”, surrounded by seven of the finest Minkai whores gold can buy! We settled on Minkai wenches after a heated fight between Sama and me. Usually I hate to back down – it makes my blood boil, really – but I had to admit that we should go classy for Vanderdale’s first (five) time(s). I DIDN’T admit that I’d never had a Tian, and the idea did grow on me.

So we go in there, right? And they’re doing this little slow dance, and one of ‘em is playing this weird stringed instrument and two are singin’ harmony. I’m thinking “when are they gonna get primal? A Varisian wench would’ve taken off her top with one hand, and slipped my coinpurse with the other by now!” But then, the song starts getting really good all of a sudden, and they serve this delicious clear wine, and I’m hooked! Then we split off into different rooms – me with mine, Sama with his, and Corrin with the others, right? I don’t mate and tell, but ahem.

So we get done and meet up in the main room. Sama looks kinda weird. Like he’s not walkin loose or anything, and I’m sure I saw his eyes shiftin around, but I didn’t say anything cause I wanted to know how it went with the kid.

Just then, one of the girls pulls me aside, and says “We cannot accept the most generous gift of gold presented by Corrin-San.”

I’m like, “What?”

“It’s too kind.”

“What? You’re whor— ahem, working gir— er, Companions! You entertain us, then you get paid. I shouldn’t have to be explaining this to you.”

“Well Slate-San… to be honest – it is us who have been given the most generous gift already. To accept money would be rude.”

She sees I’m still not gettin it, and goes on:

“He was very, very good to us, sir.”

So I’m struck dumber than a baby lamb. I snatch back the purse, grab the gang and get the hell out of there, confused and a little pissed. I ask the boy,

“What the hells happened in there, Corrin?!!”

Get this – the kid just smiles real big, and struts down the street like a jungle cat!

…Well, at least I got the kid to shut up for five minutes…


Trippin on Shrooms

So on my day off, I decided I had to take a break from this accursed domed city. I realized, upon meditation, that I have grown over the past few months. To no longer shun the sunlight, but to embrace it as another part of the cycle of existence. I realized that I indeed craved a chance to stretch my limbs and soak up some rays.

So I decided to take a journey, trusting the spirit of nature to send me where she will. I hoofed it out of the city at a brisk gallop, to the tree line, meditated to the largest, most interesting plant I saw (a giant, fungal tree that I could not quite identify) and stepped inside.

You cannot imagine the surprise in my eyes when I surveyed my surroundings…

I stepped out into a grove of these strange, fungal trees. Ahead was some sort of shrine, clearly manmade, to some diety that I had never heard of. It depicted a creature made of a psychotic mass of tentacles, mushroom heads, claws, maws and other features. Worshiping there – or perhaps doing some sort of construction on a strange magical object he held – was a plantlike, human-size creature with multiple legs and a large, bulbous mushroom head.

I quickly shifted into as close an approximation to it as I could, hoping it was a species. It seemed to work, because as it noticed me, it didn’t attack. It chittered and changed its coloration slightly, turned back around, and returned to its “work.” I stayed for a while, soaking in the sights, sounds, and smells. Soon, I heard someone approaching. I slipped just outside the bounds of the grove, and hid as best I could.

I observed the creatures there as they joined in a chorus of coloration changes and strange noises. They weilded a wide variety of strange objects “constructed” of animal, mineral, mechanical, and clockwork components, and seemed to be discussing them with each other. Before long, though, one turned around. I froze, but the rest all turned to notice me simultaneously. I decided, it’s time to return. I stepped into the giant shroom and willed myself home…

Weekly Meeting at the Oaks’ Lodge
Volunteering at the Old fOAK’s Home

So the other morning, I’m at The Grove, having a nectar, and this treant starts chatting me up. An Oak, I think? Excuse me, an “Oakian-Varisian.” At first I was all “who’s THIS guy? He’s like, old as dirt” but turns out he’s a totally solid sap – very articulate.

Anyway, we get to talking about magic and stuff, and he tells me all these really interesting things about plant control. Turns out, if you are cool with the local trees and have somebody to vouch for you, you can get into the social network and they’ll help you out with things. The trick is, you gotta really listen to them. They love to go on and on about the weather and shit, and they talk reaaaaly slow. Honestly it’s pretty boring. BUT if you make one feel like he’s your buddy, the geezer will uproot and start following you around like he’s your best friend!

Stanley and I have gotten pretty cool – he’s tolerable and he doesn’t let my wisecracks get to him – he’s got a pretty thick skin. Maybe I’ll introduce him to the party… Hells, he might even want to tag along, if he can get his lazy branches moving. Yknow what – next time we travel, I’ll bring the gang by his neighborwood!

Dreams of a Dark Druid

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