Desianna's Whispers

1. Visiting Home
2. Changing Places
3. As Time Marches On
4. The Return Home
4. Strange Places with Familiar Faces

Character Background:
Desianna had a life very integrated into the culture of Magnimar. Her mother and father actually met after each had a Harrowing performed on them to find the love of their life. Desianna loved the story when she was a little girl, and her family pulled some of their funds together to afford her a nice harrowing deck. She was instantly fascinated, always performing her harrow readings on her friends.

Later in life, as she was approaching her adulthood, she actually decided for herself to join the ranks of the many fortune tellers in Varisia. However, as she perfected her craft, she noticed that the deck itself started granting her powers. She started hearing spirits talking to her, guiding her in her Harrow readings.

On a whim, after a particular harrow reading with a woman who asked about what she wanted to do with her life, Desianna had a change of heart about her life. She asked the Harrow deck many questions of where she would be going. The spirits had guided her to an answer. And so she walked into the front doors of the Grand Lodge…

Desianna's Whispers

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