Character Creation

Character Creation Rules:

Races: Core Races, open to Advanced Race Guide ideas, almost anything should fly

Classes: All Paizo

Feats: Go nuts. Paizo material only though. Basically, if it is PFS legal, I will probably allow it. Talk to me if you want to take Leadership or Antagonize first.

Traits: 2 traits. One should be a Shattered Star Campaign Trait, or a trait from the Varisia book. All the SS traits have a background associated with them, they can be good ideas for a background.
Shattered Star:

Alignments: open to party decision

Scores: 20 point buy. No scores under 7 or over 18 prior to applying race bonuses. Not responsible if you choose to go for 7 constitution and die. If you have stats under 10, you are expected to play it up while in character :P

Starting Money: Average for your class

Hit Points: Max level 1, roll hit die on level-up. 1’s are rerolled.

Archetypes: Allowed, ask me first if planning to take known OP ones like Synthesist

Prestige Classes: Allowed if you can justify it in your story.

House Rules:
No coin weight/encumberance (who does, I mean really?)
If you pick <11 Strength, I expect you to track your weight.
Leadership Feat: Cohort must be built with a 15 point buy and full PFS rules if allowed

Character Creation

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