Vanderale Spellbook

a spellbook Corin inherited



Arcane Mark Universal; V, S; Touch; inscribe personal rune or mark on object or creature, up to 1’ square; may be visible, or only discernible with detect magic or similar spells; fades from a living being in 30 days

Bleed Necromancy; Standard; V, S; Close; target 1 living creature at -1 or lower HP; Will negates, SR Yes; if target is stable, it resumes dying, if target is dying, it takes 1 point of damage

Dancing Lights Evocation (light); Standard; V, S; Medium; creates up to 4 lights that shed light as a torch, or 4 will o’ wisps, or a glowing, vaguely humanoid shape, any of which can move 100’/round, and must stay within 10’ of each other; only 1 dancing lights can be in effect at a time

Daze Enchantment (compulsion, mind-affecting); Standard; V, S, M; Close; target 1 humanoid 4 HD or less; Will negates, SR Yes; target is dazed for 1 round, then is immune to this spell for 1 minute;

Detect Magic Divination; Standard; V, S; 60’ Cone; concentration, up to 1 minute/level; detect magical auras, gain more information by concentrating: 1st round-presence or absence of magical aura; 2nd-number of auras and power of strongest; 3rd-strength and location of each aura, and can make Knowledge (arcana) checks to determine school of each (DC 15+spell level, or 1/2 caster level for nonspell effects), or make Spellcraft check to identify a magic item

Detect Poison Divination; Standard; V, S; Close; target 1 creature, object, or 5’ cube’; instantaneous; determine whether target has been poisoned or is poisonous, determine type with DC 20 Wisdom check and/or Craft (alchemy) check

Disrupt Undead Necromancy; Standard; V, S; Close Ray; SR Yes; ray of positive energy deals 1d6 damage to undead with a successful ranged touch attack

Flare Evocation (light); Standard; V; Close; Effect-burst of light; Fort negates, SR Yes; if created in front of a single creature, it is dazzled for 1 minute (sightless creatures are immune)

Ghost Sound Illusion (figment); Standard; V, S, M; Close; Will disbelief, SR No; creates illusory sounds for 1 round/level, equivalent to 4 humans/caster level (max 40)

Haunted Fey Aspect Illusion (glamer); Standard; S; Personal; gain DR1/cold iron against a single opponent for 1 round/level or until damage is taken

Light Evocation (light); Standard; V, M; Touch; target 1 object; target sheds lights as a torch (20’ radius) for 10 minutes/level; only 1 light spell can be in effect at a time

Mage Hand Transmutation; Standard; V, S; Close; target 1 unattended, non-magical object up to 5 lbs; while concentrating, can move and manipulate object as if with one hand, up to 15’/round

Mending Transmutation; 10 minutes; V, S; 10’; target 1 object up to 1 lb./level; repairs damaged object, restoring 1d4 HP, all pieces must be present; magic items can be repaired if caster level is equal to or higher than the object, but restored if destroyed

Message (A) Transmutation (language-dependent); Standard; V, S, F; Medium; targets 1 creature/level; can send and receive whispered messages for 10 minutes/level

Open/Close Transmutation; Standard; V, S, F; Close; target object up to 30 lbs or portal that can be opened or closed; open or close a door, chest, box, window, box, or other portal or container

Prestidigitation Universal; Standard; V, S; 10’; perform minor tricks for 1 hour, such as warming, cooling, cleaning, soiling, or flavoring material, creating smells, faint sounds, or dim lights, or small objects for a round

Ray of Frost Evocation (cold); Standard; V, S; Close Ray; SR Yes; ray of cold deals 1d3 cold damage with successful ranged touch attack

Read Magic Divination; Standard; V, S, F; Personal; decipher magical writings for 10 minutes/level, and identify glyphs and symbol spells

Resistance Abjuration; Standard; V, S, M; Touch; subject gains a +1 resistance bonus to saving throws for 1 minute

Scrivener’s Chant Transmutation; V, S, M; 5’; target written objects; while concentrating, up to 1 minute/level, copy 1 page/minute; may use Linguistics to create convincing copy

Spark Evocation (fire); Standard; V or S; Close; target 1 Fine object; unattended Fine object catches fire

Touch of Fatigue Necromancy; Standard; V, S, M; Touch; target creature touched; Fort negates, SR Yes; target is fatigued for 1 round/level, but has no effect on a creature that is already fatigued

First Level Spells

Blood Money Transmutation; Swift; V, S; cast just before casting another spell to create material components; this causes 1d6 points of damage, and expensive components cause 1 point of Strength damage, plus 1 additional point for every 500 gp worth of components

Color Spray Illusion (pattern, mind-affecting); Standard; V, S, M; 15’ Cone; Will negates, SR Yes; 1-2 HD creatures are unconscious, blinded, and stunned for 2d4 rounds, then blinded and stunned for 1d4 rounds, then stunned for 1 round; 3-4 HD creatures are blinded and stunned for 1d4 rounds, then stunned for 1 round; 5+ HD creatures are stunned for 1 round; sightless creatures are immune

Comprehend Languages Divination; Standard; V, S, M; personal; understand spoken words and read languages for 10 minutes/level

Crafter’s Fortune Transmutation; Standard; V, S, F (tool); Close; target 1 creature; for 1 day/level or until discharged, the target gains a +5 luck bonus on its next Craft skill check

Ear-piercing Scream Evocation (sonic); Standard; V, S; Close; target 1 creature; Fort partial, SR yes; target takes 1d6 sonic damage/2 levels and is dazed for 1 round, successful save halves damage

Expeditious Retreat Transmutation; Standard; V, S; Personal; for 1 minute/level, gain 30’ enhancement bonus to speed

Feather Fall (A) Transmutation; Immediate; V; Close; target 1 medium creature or object/level, no two of which can be more than 20’ apart; subjects fall at 60’/round for 1 round/level; Large creatures count as two, Huge as four, etc.

Infernal Healing Conjuration (healing, evil); 1 round; V, S, M; Touch; creature touched gains fast healing 1 for 1 minute, but cannot repair damage caused by silver weapons, good-aligned weapons, or good spells; the subject detects as evil for the duration of the spell

Mage Armor Conjuration (creation, force); Standard; V, S, F (cured leather); Touch; creature touched gains a +4 armor bonus to AC for 1 hour/level

Shield Abjuration (force); Standard; V, S; Personal; for 1 minute/level, gain +4 shield bonus to AC

Shocking Grasp (A) Evocation (electricity); Standard; V, S; Touch; successful melee touch attack deals 1d6/level (max 5d6) points of electricity damage; gain a +3 bonus to the touch attack against creatures wearing metal armor, carrying a metal weapon, or made of metal

Touch of the Sea Transmutation; Standard; V, S; Touch; target gains swim speed 30’ (+8 racial bonus, can take 10 on swim checks, can run and charge)

Second Level Spells

Flaming Sphere Evocation (fire); Standard; V, S, F; Medium; Ref negates, SR yes; creates a flaming sphere that lasts for 1 rd/level, that can be moved 30’/round as a move action, and deals 3d6 fire damage when it enters a creature’s space (where it stops); it can jump up to 30’, and rolls over barriers up to 4’ high; it sets fire to flammables, and sheds light as a torch

Masterwork Transformation ; Transmutation; 1 hour; V, S, M (reagents equal to cost of masterwork component for item); Touch; target weapon, armor, or tool kit gains masterwork quality (effect is instantaneous)

Resist Energy (A) Abjuration; Standard; V, S; Touch; creature gains resist 10 against acid, cold, fire, electricity, or sonic; this increases to resist 20 at 7th, and resist 30 at 11th

Summon Monster II (A) Conjuration (varies); 1 round; V, S, F; Close; summon creature from the SMII list, or 1d3 creatures from the SMI list, for 1 round/level (when used as a bonus Air school spell, can only summon a small Air elemental)

Web Conjuration (creation); Standard; V, S, M; Medium; Ref negates, SR no; creates webs in a 20’ radius spread for 10 minutes/level (D) unless not anchored by two or more diametrically opposed points; creatures that fail their Reflex save are grappled, those succeed are not but are still within the web; creatures can break free with a CMB or Escape Artist check against the DC of the spell; the web counts as difficult terrain, and creatures must make a CMB or Escape Artist check as part of their move to pass through it, failure causes the creature to become grappled in the first square it attempts to enter. 5’ of webs provide cover, 20’ of web provides total cover. Any fire burns away a 5’ square/round, dealing 2d4 fire damage to creatures in burning web.

Third Level Spells

Fly (A) Transmutation; Standard; V, S, F; Touch; creature touched gains Fly 60’ (40’ in medium or heavy armor, or medium or heavy load) with Good maneuverability for 1 minute/level, with a bonus to Fly checks equal to half caster level. When the spell ends, the subject feather falls for 1d6 rounds.

Haste Transmutation; Standard; V, S, M; Close; 1 creature/level, no two of which can be more than 30’ apart, gain 1 bonus to attack rolls, +1 dodge bonus to AC and Reflex saves,30’ enhancement bonus to all movement speeds (up to double normal speed), and an extra attack when taking the full attack action, for 1 round/level.


This spellbook belonged to Corin’s famous ancestors, the twin adventuring wizards Cailyn and Romre Vanderale. While over a century old, the book is in fine shape, thanks to its excellent construction and lingering protective enchantments.

Vanderale Spellbook

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