most recent treasure splits


Treasure 5/28

Magic items (some returned to the kitty by Hothram): +1 heavy flail, Silver Fang, +1 adamantine longsword, +1 cold iron ranseur, jaunt boots,

Treasure 5/4

Magic Items: bracers of armor +4, elemental gems x4 (1 of each), +2 blinding heavy steel shield, +2 dispelling burst long sword, ring of protection +1, wand of hold person (41 charges), jellyfish cape, ring of protection +1, pale lavender ellipsoid ioun stone (as rod of absorption, 20 charges; Desianna), +2 longswords x3, phylactery of positive channeling, spell well, flame orichalca (artifact), tome of living runes (20 uses)

Swag: gold plates (15,000 GP), books (7,000 GP), sapphire (20,000 GP), table service (18,000 GP), 10,000 GP

Payday! After selling our various trinkets and gewgaws, each PC receives 56,663 GP. The party fund now stands at 80,626 GP.

Loot from 3/6/14

Magic Items: crystal ball of the dark void, large mithral breastplate (currently on a skeletal gug), iridescent spindle Ioun stone, belt of constitution + 2, amulet of mighty fists + 3 (Hothram), amulet of mighty fists + 1 keen (Desianna), ring of freedom of movement (Corin), ring of evasion (Hothram), portable hole, shard of sloth (slotted with incandescent blue sphere ioun stone), eversmoking bottle, manual of gainful exercise + 3 (Hothram), elixir of fire breath, stone of good luck, stone of weight, + 1 club, ring of swimming, scroll of miracle

Swag: brazier (5000 GP), shadow-wrought robe (7500 GP), ivory statue contingency focus (1500 GP), jeweled long sword (557), 4 dark wood demon keys (500 each), statue of a shrew (75), mithral tray (2500), 50 pearls (500 each), silk pouch (50), dragon turtle tureen (5300), taxidermy gnome, dog-man statue (250), pickled owl bear fetus with 2 heads, adamantine puzzle-box scroll tube (4000)

Loot from 1/26/14

A demilich’s hoard, plus some items from a dead dark elf.

Magic items: + 2 sicarite longsword x2 (@9315 GP), + 1 expeditious breastplate (5350 GP), seducer’s bane_(Hothram), + 1 chain shirt_ (1250 GP), + 1 buckler (1180 GP), + 2 shock hand crossbow (18330 GP), night gaunt mask (30,000 GP), nightmare rod (80,000), whisper stone key (15,000)

Swag: 3880 GP, mithral scroll tube (200), diamond (1200 GP), ivory dice (30 GP), silver dice (75 GP), scepter (50 GP), comb (75 GP), chalice (50 GP), statue (110 GP), chalice 150 GP), MW rapier (330)

Loot from 1/12/14

A heap of unique and interesting items, as well as some stuff that no longer fits Corin.

Magic Items: incandescent blue sphere ioun stone (+ 2 Wisdom), rod of the viper_(to sell), crystal ball of the dark void (currently cracked), helm of underwater action (to sell), pearl of the sirines, headband of + 2 Int (Perception)/+ 2 Cha, handy haversack, censer of dreams

Consumables: sicarite scrolls (worth 25 GP each after being used): ice storm, wall of ice, cone of cold, polar ray, wand of sepia snake sigil (8 charges)

Other items of interest: Kyventulu’s spell books, Thassilonian library (+ 2 History)

Stuff to sell: map of the inside of a whale (250 GP), pickled fetal aboleths (3 @ 50 GP), serpent mask (500 GP), sicarite longswords (14 @ 1315 GP), mithral font (900 GP), titan bone dice (500 GP), rod (500 GP), orb (180 GP), MW cestus, 2 continual flame candles

No treasure splits until we get a chance to hit the second-hand store and unload.

Loot from 12/1/13

After wiping out the giant leadership and sending the remnants off home, we had an overnight in Magnimar thanks to Slate’s rapid transit ability and a feather token. We recovered a fair bit of swag, and have access to the markets of a major metropolis.

Large items: +3 breastplate, +2 heavy wood shield, +1 morningstar

Magic items: belt of strength +4 (to Desianna for her pets, or Slate for his buddy), Shard of Wrath with deep red sphere ioun stone (2 Dex) (Hothram), elixir of love, rod of enemy detection (to sell for 11,750), _3 arrow of greater ooze slaying_ (Hothram), scrolls of heal and spell resistance (Corin), ring of protection +4 (non-evil only) (Hothram), +1 breastplate (to sell for 675)

Objets d’art and other valuables: alphorn (450), carved mastodon tusk (750), small mithral dagger (250), silver tankard (300), silver horse tooth (25), 3 fine furs (400 each), 7 gold-plated dwarf skulls (200 each), silver jug (200), fine rug (600), MW pike (308), sable gloves (150), tapestry (200)

After unloading treasure and unwanted items, each PC receives 3,960 GP.

The party fund stands at 23,963 GP.

Loot from 9/22/13

Still deep in the dungeons below Windsong Abbey, so we are toting around heaps of swag rather than liquid funds. The loss of our pack undead has made this a bit of a chore. We did find a lot if intriguing stuff, though.

+1 scimitar x2, +1 moderate fortification orichalcum full plate (77,500, needs a day’s work, though), soul jars x6 (5,000 each, but is probably evil not to release the souls), +1 unholy dagger (could redeem it, or just sell it), heartstone (1,800 after its magic fades), scroll of lesser restoration, a cursed medallion of thought projection, a skull statuette that acts as a stone of weight, bracers of defenselessness, an amulet of inescapable location, a doomsday staff, and a luck blade with one wish (I have a note “5 days later” but don’t recall why)

Also, 9,702 GP cash.

Loot from 8/25/13

The long journey continues, with no markets in sight. Today’s slaughter-fest didn’t garner much cash, but many high-quality items were seized. Wands, scrolls and other consumables have been added to the party roster; items of note include a wand of restoration (9 charges), scrolls of resurrection, greater restoration, and heal, and fully charged wands of fireball and cure moderate wounds, each at 10th level.

Swag to be sold includes: MW longsword, MW longbow, alchemical equipment, MW falcata, 6 MW ranseurs, 6 MW chainmail, +1 scimitar, +1 heavy wooden shield, amulet of natural armor +1, cloak of resistance +2, cracked opalescent pyramid ioun stone (falcata), phylactery of negative channeling, ring of protection +1, mithral chain shirt +1, cloak of resistance +1, amulet of natural armor +2. All told, these would fetch 16,864.5 GP.

Items of interest include the Philosopher’s Stone, a ring of spell storing (currently holding Lead Blades and Breath of Life), 7 +1 undead bane arrows, a headband of Int/Wis +2 (Use Magic Device), and a minor cloak of displacement.

Loot from 7/29/13

Once again, we are still in the midst of hostile territory, so no selling stuff. Thus far, our venture beyond the Doomsday Door has gained us cash, gems, and such worth

2216 GP per PC

We have also recovered 8 +1 mighty (+1 Str) composite shortbows (one being used by Koriah), 24 inubrix arrows, a cloak of resistance +3, and a chunk of a staff of the master (evocation)

Loot from 7/5/13

Since we are in the middle of hostile territory, this breakdown is contingent upon our returning to town and selling a bunch of stuff.

Cash, jewels, and unwanted items, when sold, should yield

9565 GP per PC

This includes the sale of the following items: small +2 leather armor, small +1 light fortification leather armor, greataxe of life stealing, headband of Charisma +2, +1 full plate, +3 chainmail, +1 frost punching dagger, death bill, and several items from earlier ventures that have not been claimed.

We also have 9 +1 elf-bane arrows for Hothram/Doji-sama’s use. Perhaps they will come in handy against our buddy Ardanthanatos.

I believe we should return the temple silverware (worth 1,300 GP @ 40 lbs.) and the Raiment of the Masked Abbot (circlet of +4 Cha/Wis) in order to maintain good relations with the various churches affiliated with Windsong Abbey.

After paying for a reincarnate, 3 scrolls of remove fear, and the construction of a Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend Spell, the party fund stands at

29,815 GP

I suggest that when we get some down time, we make more metamagic rods and some pearls of power to improve our buffing power.

Loot from 6/9/13

Assuming we are able to get to market, after liquidating all the stuff nobody wants, each PC receives:

12,768 GP

The party fund stands at:

22,923 GP

We have also acquired: a Monk’s Robe (Slate), 3 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds (Corin, Hothram, Slate), a Wand of Shield (CL 10, 10 charges; Corin), History Books (Corin), Boots of Striding and Springing (Desianna), a +1 Seeking Light Crossbow (Corin), 10 +1 Human-bane crossbow bolts (Corin), a Ring of Mind Shielding (Desianna), Horseshoes of the Zephyr (keep? sell?), a Manual of Bodily Health +1, a neat black box from Eox, a Spine Flail, a +1 Undead Bane Longsword (Hothram?), a Hat of Disguise (?), a Skin Harp (Desianna), and a +1 Undead Bane Disrupting Club

Loot from 5/25/13

After selling the modest loot from our encounter with the crazy-makers and the epic beat-down we delivered to a poor, unsuspecting wizard, each PC receives:

3,805 GP

After paying for restorations, heals, travel and lodging, the party fund stands at:

10,152 GP

We also gained a Greater Half-light Charm, a wand of Magic Missile (CL 1, 23 charges), an Amulet of Natural Armor 1 (reserved for an undead, I think), a Ring of Protection +1 (Doji-sama, I think?), -a +1 Composite Longbow (2 Str; again Doji-sama?-), a security camera mirror (worth 2,500 GP), a masterwork ukelele, another golembane scarab, feathers and a journal from the harpy Harifax, a +1 halberd (also reserved for an undead), a glass sphere with Continual Flame cast on it, a book of illustrated construct porn (50 gp), a Clay Golem manual (-wheee!- SOLD), Alkenstar firearm schematics (worth 2,000 gp to the right buyer).

Loot from 4/21/13

After unloading our massive haul of gems, arms, armor, and swag, each PC receives a whopping

17,385 GP

The party fund stands at

9239 GP

as well as 5000 GP worth of diamond for a raise dead, and 1000 GP worth of salves, unguents and such for a reincarnate

We also have a large supply of various consumables and tools, which Corin is happy to manage.

Loot from 4/7/13

Current cash, gems and objets d’art come out to each PC gaining:

2268 GP

The party fund, after deducting spellcasting and transport costs, stands at:

4104 GP

Items yet to be disbursed or sold include:
+1 heavy mace (currently used by Helanda; sale value 1156 GP)
+1 keen longsword (currently used by Helanda; sale value 4157.5 GP)
+1 guisarme (currently used by Helanda; sale value 1154.5 GP)
MW bolas (sale value 152.5 GP)
MW dagger (broken; sale value if repaired 151 GP)
23 MW longswords (1 currently used by bloody skeleton; sale value 3622.5)
4 MW guisarmes (sale value 618 GP)
21 light crossbows (1 currently used by Helanda; sale value 367.5 GP)
large battleaxe (currently used by giant “Sorshyn”; sale value 10 GP)
MW suit of full plate (currently used by Helanda; sale value 825 GP)
MW heavy steel shield (currently used by Helanda; sale value 85 GP)
4 MW studded leather armor (sale value 350 GP)
26 heavy steel shields (1 currently used by bloody skeleton; sale value 260 GP)
24 suits full plate (1 currently used by bloody skeleton; sale value 18,000 GP)
large chain shirt (currently used by giant “Sorshyn”; sale value 50 GP)
2 Incense of Meditation
Deathbalm Talisman
golembane scarab (currently used by Helanda)
platinum plate (750 GP melt value, or 3000 GP to collector)
Korvosa attack strategy (10,000 GP to Korvosa or Magnimar governments)
gold rug (will totally pull the room together back at the lodge)

If items with sale value listed are liquidated, they will fetch a total of

43,959.5 GP

Loot from 3/24/2014

After selling our swag to our fine witch friend, each PC receives:

1961 GP

The party fund, after deducting spellcasting costs, stands at:

5308.12 GP

Loot from 3/19/2013

A two-parter this time, since we are not anywhere near a pawnshop. After selling the swag from our encounter with the Black Kiss gang, each PC receives:

419 GP

The party fund, after deducting resupply and spellcasting costs, stands at:

3532.12 GP

Loot from 3/3/2013

After selling our pile of loot, seized armaments, and assorted swag, each PC receives:

606 GP

The party fund, after deducting bribes, fees, and charges, stands at:

3310.12 GP

Items Found

Id Moss x3
Striped Toadstool Venom x2
Frostspore x3
Citilessh Poison x3
Flayleaf x10
MW leather armor (small; currently in use by skeletal derro)
MW aklys (small; currently in use by skeletal derro)
Golembane Scarab

Loot from 2/24/2013

565 GP

The party fund, after deducting bribes, fees, and charges, stands at:

2703.12 GP

Items Still to be Disbursed

It will take a total of 6 hours, 20 minutes for Corin and Slate working together to repair all the broken weapons and armor we recovered, which would yield an additional 720 gold to split; conversely, Slate could spend all 12 hours, 40 minutes while Corin scribes scrolls, crafts wondrous items, or brews alchemical items.

One onyx torch (250 gp).



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