Ashalamantalu's Spellbook

seized from an alu-demon wizard


4th—aura of the unremarkable, ball lightning, charm monster, confusion, control summoned creature, crushing despair, lesser geas, malicious spite, mass daze, moonstruck, overwhelming grief, phantasmal killer, terrible remorse

3rd—deep slumber, dispel magic, fireball, heroism, hold person, lover’s vengeance, pugwampi’s grace, rage, reckless infatuation, suggestion, unadulterated loathing

2nd—bestow weapon proficiency, compassionate ally, daze monster, delay pain, flaming sphere, glitterdust, hideous laughter, mirror image, oppressive boredom, qualm, seducer’s eyes, tactical accumen, touch of idiocy, unnatural lust

1st—bungle, burning hands, charm person, delusional pride, hypnotism, keep watch, lock gaze, mage armor, magic missile, memory lapse, moment of greatness, protection from good, shield, sleep, unprepared combatant


Ashalamantalu's Spellbook

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