Shattered Star, Return To Varisia

Outsiders Galore

During this incursion into the temples below Windsong Abbey, the Pathfinders have infiltrated the deepest levels in search of Ardathanatus. The party was able to free and liberate an Efreet, and fought and destroyed an evil night hag tormenting the nearby countryside. On the way, two more clerics were rescued, a Zon-Kuthonite and an ex-priest of Erastil.

Deciding to venture the deepest yet, the group found the large catacombs comprising the 4th level of the dungeon. In this level, they met the steward of the doomsday door, the mummy Kandamereus who was for now befriended.

The party stares at a new doomsday lock with two keyholes. Chanting and ritualistic sounds come from the other side…

25,600 – Gongorinians
19,200 – Baregara
4,800 – rescuing Nildus
25,600 – Gathuspia the night hag
20,000 – forge room
6,400 – g. glyph of warding
19,000 – 4 greater shadows
19,200 – 12 mummies
38,400 – Kandamereus

total: 178,200



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